The Drive Back From Casey's

True Stories by Chuck Whitson   /   Oct 30th, 2019   /   0 COMMENTS   /  A+ | a-
Made a quick run to Casey's General Store for a can of Long Cut.  On my way back, I pull up to a red light with Glycerine from Bush blasting in the background.  My steering-wheel air guitar is rockin' the repeatable riffs with professional precision and complete accuracy of every single note.  I look to my left as I come to a slow rolling stop to gander upon a crimson red Corvette.  To my surprise, I see a made-up hottie behind the wheel with no need for an airbag.  While setting up in my gun-metal gray Silverado perch, I continue to glaze over the car and just happen to notice that the hottie takes note of my presence.  I decide to move on to the steering-wheel drum set only to realize that Glycerine has no drum-line.  She continues to observe my brilliant performance as I make up a quick symbol dance with utter and absolute failure as the light turns green and she taps the gas.  I perform my finale rock-fist pump knowing that I made someone smile (and quite possibly laugh) at my expense.
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